Fees - Clarrissa Hill Dance Centre


There is an enrolment fee.  When you have enrolled you will be given access to login in and read all the rules and information you need to know.  Please take the time to read it!

BABIES TO JUNIORS $14.50 (plus gst)
INTERMEDIATE $15.00 (plus gst)
SENIORS $15.50  (plus gst)


The fees are charged monthly and have a 10% GST added. The actual cost per month will vary depending on the number of weeks in any particular month, the number of classes taken and the number of children a parent has enrolled in the school. The cost per class is reduced for those taking several classes.  For details of actual costs please see Clarrissa Hill.

Missed Classes

Although the fees are calculated by the number of classes attended, the fees apply for the entire month and do not change if classes are missed or unattended even on a discount bases. This means there are no deductions in the following month for any missed classes in the current month.

Beauty & Beast Ballet Juniors

Cancelled Classes

Classes may be cancelled for various reasons. Whenever possible cancelled classes will be rescheduled for another time. If rescheduling of cancelled classes is not possible then students will have the cancelled classes credited in the following months account.


Accounts are payable monthly and in advance. Accounts will be given to the children at the beginning of each month. These accounts are payable in full within seven days. Lessons may not be paid for individually. The monthly account must be paid for in full at the beginning of the month. Accounts may be paid for either in cash or, cheques if the amount is more than $20.00. Cheques should be made payable to: THE CLARRISSA HILL DANCE CENTRE. Cheques less than $20.00 will not be accepted.


As part of the AMCOS (Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society) licence for the right to play commercial music in Class & Performances a fee of $12.00(ex GST) per student will be charged once per year to all accounts.

Late Accounts

Students with accounts which are more than 21 days overdue must settle their overdue accounts before continuing or participating in any dance centre activities including classes, rehearsals, and any performances or concerts. There will also be a late fee of $20.00 per month charged to your account if it is not paid in the specified time.

Discontinuation of Classes

Once a student is enrolled we require one months notice of cancellation before the end of the month.  We also require notice if you wish to drop or change any or all classes in the forthcoming month or you will be charged for it!